join us sundays!
9:00 am –
10:30 am –
Choir led worship
small groups
Band led worship
small groups

CHoIr LED – 9:00AM

our Choir led Worship Service is a beautiful balance of worship. We hope to create an environment of worship that will lead the worshipper to a fresh encounter with God. This isn’t a traditional worship service, it’s a service using many instruments, voices, and songs to lift to the Creator.

BAND LED – 10:30AM

our Band Led Service is a service for anyone as well.  It is as it sounds…band led.  our hope is that the band led service will usher many to the throne of Christ. The goal is the same…worship the Creator and lead others to do the same.

CHECK ouT our FACEbook pAGE To vIEW our 10:30am service live.